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Pingcraft is a small family-oriented PvE Survival Server with a great, friendly and mature community of people which was founded by a gaming clan back in 2010.

Since then have our goal been the same; focusing to bring an unique gameplay experience for our players while retaining the vanilla feel. We have many cool plugins that will help you enjoy your trip on Pingcraft so check out us now if you want to play in a nice relaxed atmosphere and befriend new players!

Community News and Updates


    April Update #2

    By Feeriix, in Changelog,

    We have listened to our players and roll-backed some of the changes made in the previous update.

    Here comes update 2 of April, a bit late I know..


    • Server has been changed back to Normal Difficulty.
    • Leveled mobs have been removed.
    • Mypet: Added Ride skilltree to these mobs:
      • Chicken / Sheep / Pig / Cow
      • Horse (All Types)
      • Llama
      • Mooshroom
      • Ocelot / Wolf
      • Spider
    • Mypet: Added Ranged Skilltree to these mobs:
      • Creeper
      • Stray
      • WitherSkeleton
      • Snowman
    • Added Dynamic Difficulty
      • The server will track your damage given and received and will buff or nerf mobs targeting you. This only applies to vanilla mobs, custom mobs aren't tracked. These attributes are scaled:
        • Attack
        • Defense
        • Speed
        • Knockback
        • Follow Distance
        • XP
        • Loot


    As always, your feedback is appreciated!


    April Update #1

    By Feeriix, in Changelog,

    This is the first batch of changes made to the server, next batch will arrive in few days.

    So what has changed?


    • Server is now on hard mode, meaning you will die of hunger.
    • MyPets are temporarily disabled.
    • /reward is temporarily disabled.
    • Spawners no longer work.
    • Leveled hearts have been removed. Life enchant is back.
    • Pings are now Coins.
    • Mob Hunting plugin added, get more coins depending on how you kill the mob!
    • Item tags are back.
    • You can now store XP into bottles via spawners, sneak-right click.
    • Added level system to mobs. Higher level = More health, EXP and Coins!
      Their level is based on the nearest named region post. Eg. Lvl 1 mobs will spawn near post.
    • Added RepairPlus, Left-click an anvil for more repairing options.
    • Armor and hotbar is now saved on death, but not in the end and nether.
    • Home teleportation costs 50 coins.
    • You now lose 5% coins on death, maximum of 10k coins.
    • Creepers now destroy terrain, will get regenerated after a time.
    • Changed door/trapdoor/fencegate mechanics


    I hope you'll like this update, make sure to post a comment and give us your feedback!

    Thanks for playing on Pingcraft!


    Happy Easter/Updates!

    By DetectiveBubbles, in Announcements,

    First off, the pingcraft staff team and myself would like to wish all who celebrate it a happy Easter! I personally hope you all have an egg-stra egg-cellent day with an egg-squisite taste for puns, b/c that's all I'll be doing.

    On a different note, there's an update coming later this month (and from what I've been hearing, it's one to be looking forwards to), so stick around for that!


    For those of you begging me to stop scrambling your brains with these egg-ceptional puns (which I'm sure cracked you all up), it's coming to the end of the post, so I guess I have to easter-minate them.

    And so, quite sadly, all I can say is, for now...


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      • PvP
      • mcMMO XP loss on death (percentage)
      • Higher Money loss on death (percentage)
      • Inventory Loss on death (Not Armor)
      • Higher Infernal spawnrate
      • More challenging gameplay
      • Always Night

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