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    Bedhomes will be removed! Make sure to /sethome (Free). Also empty your bank.

    RainbowRanger : (26 Jun - 06:56)

    I can play as much as I use to in about 3 weeks :D

    RainbowRanger : (26 Jun - 06:47)

    I'm sorry but I won't be playing as much because of Summer school, CAD, badminton, swimming, and pyshics.

    MartinR25 : (24 Jun - 13:23)


    Feeriix : (24 Jun - 13:17)

    Update is in progress. Will take several hours!

    MartinR25 : (24 Jun - 13:04)

    its says its in maintenance

    MartinR25 : (24 Jun - 13:00)

    feer are u upbdate the server now?

    Feeriix : (24 Jun - 10:42)

    Update will happen soon!

    Resize Shouts Area

Community News

Yesterday, 12:53
The Network Update Feeriix | 3 Comments
You are probably wondering what happened to Pingcraft in the last few days without any news topic telling about this. Well, let me summarize everything here.   The server had a big update involving the core infrastructure making our server into a Network of servers, just like other popular servers. We also moved to a dedicated hardware instead of a sharing host.   This update made it...
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08 April 2015
Nether world will be reset Feeriix | 0 Comments
We'll be resetting nether world sometime this weekend. Make sure you don't save your items or build there as you can't claim to protect. We will also be removing lockette (sign based protection) as it's not really needed.   Make sure you claim all of your containers which have lockette on (and is not already claimed)!   I have also plans to change host after some issues which they can...
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01 April 2015
Quest world and PvP Feeriix | 7 Comments
I am proud to announce the long-awaited quest world which will be launched tomorrow. Get prepared for a journey of your life with over 150 new biomes and beautiful locations to explore and quests to take. You will be able to start your first quest at the "magic cube" located in spawn.   There is more, we are also switching to PvP to attract more players. Players will be able to PvP in...
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29 March 2015
Limiting Animal farms Feeriix | 9 Comments
I have noticed players making abnormal mob farms which causes the lag right now. To tackle this issue, I will be putting a farm limiter to limit farms to be smaller yet profitable. I suggest you start trimming your farms now before I apply this change.   These mobs are affected: Cow Sheep Chicken Pig Snowmen Iron Golem
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13 March 2015
Pingcraft Big Update Feeriix | 6 Comments
I have listened to player feedback so here is the changelog for this week.   - Removed Regions (wasn't really used) - Removed Farming limitations - Removed Acid Islands (Were you playing it?) + Added Blood Moon ~ Changed the rank system (You pay to rank up now) ~ Changed chat and introduced /tags ~ The /spawn command can be used anywhere now with a cooldown ~ Lowered the sethome cost to 3k...
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01 March 2015
Many changes in short time! Feeriix | 19 Comments
There will be many new changes and added features in-game these upcoming days, it can even show up today. We surely can't wait 1 week for each big update.   We are at the moment balancing survival by removing some core mcMMO features such as Repair and Salvage. We are also removing rare drops from digging and fishing.   Home changes Many players have given their opinion about the seth...
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24 February 2015
Inventory changes coming up soon! Feeriix | 3 Comments
We will change how inventories work probably this weekend (27-28 Feb). What does this mean for you?   You will lose your inventory AND xp upon death. Your dropped items will be protected for a limited time This means more careful planning and adventuring. You will still lose money. There will be perks available to enable hotbar and xp saving.   Upcoming changes Rework the home sy...
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18 February 2015
Some changes were made Feeriix | 8 Comments
The server store(s) now take fixed tax.  Purchase: 23% Sales: 5% Enchant: 10%   Maximum death money loss has been increased to 10k.   Claim blocks price has been increased to 50.   Fixed animal despawn issue (hopefully).   Nether Portals now remembers your location. You will always return to the portal you entered from.   Upcoming changes: Inventory loss on death o...
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17 February 2015
Home Strategy Changes Feeriix | 7 Comments
I have changed how homes work to be more user-friendly and easy to remember.    From now on each /sethome will cost 25.000 pings.   Teleporting to any home will cost you 50 pings.   The /home command with no name will teleport you to your default home set by /setdefaulthome. Setting a home with /sethome with no name will make the home default.   Players can set a free h...
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09 February 2015
Pingcraft Mini-games! karkery | 0 Comments
The server now has a few mini games! if you want to try them here is the command to get there /hub to get back to survival type /survival! have fun guys!
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