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Which class would you choose?

  1. Fighter (5 votes [29.41%])

    Percentage of vote: 29.41%

  2. Ranger (5 votes [29.41%])

    Percentage of vote: 29.41%

  3. Mage (7 votes [41.18%])

    Percentage of vote: 41.18%

(17 member(s) have cast votes)

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Few changes..

Posted by Feeriix - Yesterday, 23:38

I have made some changes regarding claims and homes. You will now get 50 claim blocks each hour and the claim block price has been set to 3. This will make sure our players get the protection they need. Also, pets are protected now.

  • The original tamer of a pet has access to that pet at all times, even in another player's land claim.
  • Only the original tamer of a pet may interact with or damage it, even when it's in another player's land claim...

Location & IP Switch!

Posted by Feeriix - Dec 17 2014 18:01

Because of our hoster's infrastructure change we will be moving our server to New York. We hope this will decrease lag for our European players.


If the IP doesn't work please try

It takes time for the DNS to propagate.

Pingcraft Classes

Posted by Feeriix - Dec 10 2014 11:47

Pingcraft will soon introduce a class system which will be used alongside the upcoming Quest World. I want to know which class you would choose as your starter. Just pick your answer on the above poll.



A warrior which have good swords skills and buffs



An archer with good bow and quick skills



A wizard with skills dealing area damage and h...

Christmas Event

Posted by Feeriix - Dec 08 2014 03:46

We now have an event running under this month only. Make sure you find it :)


Hint: Check spawn.


Event is enabled once again.

Server is now 1.8

Posted by Feeriix - Dec 01 2014 14:11

Server is now running Spigot 1.8 with all its features. Please report any bugs or issues you encounter so we can fix it before it gets more problematic. 


Ranks and permissions have been changed, so you may notice some color switch between players. I also hope that homes are fixed now. Here are the ranks:


Member (Gray)

  • 1 Home

Builder (Yellow)

Spigot 1.8: Expect an update soon

Posted by Feeriix - Nov 30 2014 19:04

There is now a 1.8 version of spigot available since Friday. I have tried it on our dev server and so far it went good. Some plugins will be unavailable until they update it, but the the core plugins like claiming etc works with no issues.


Expect an update to 1.8 soon. As soon as this is completed we will be increasing our borders so new chunks can generate with the new 1.8 structures.

A new generation

Posted by Feeriix - Nov 28 2014 00:16

Year 2015 is upon us, so is the new generation of players. This week we did some major overhaul to the server, resetting the world and bringing back vanilla look to it, with 1.8 world generation as a bonus. Though we are still not in "real" 1.8 as we are using a protocol hack, so many 1.8 features are still not in-game.


We can say that this overhaul is a success, as it increased our active players with nearly 500%, which is a huge accomplishment for us. Many players ha...